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People acquire language by talking. Therefore, the lessons at lernKULTUREN are interactive and activity-oriented. We offer professional language training with up-to-date textbooks and modern media. The content of our classes is designed to meet the everyday needs of life in Germany, for which we want to prepare you. Our classes are designed for people who want to live and work or study in Germany, and therefore want to improve their language skills.

Our interactive approach helps to improve the language skills you use in your daily life in Germany. In addition to grammar exercises, we use roleplaying, conversation training, and simulations to improve your practical language skills.

Qualified and experienced teachers with university degrees will guide you through your German lessons. We put a premium on personal attention, and each of our teachers will make sure that every student is given enough time and care to properly learn the language. They will assist you with your individual needs and problems, and help you set sensible goals.

Lessons are taught in groups of up to 12 students. This guarantees that each student will have plenty of opportunity to speak. Our students are international, and therefore the class language is German, which also has the benefit of speeding up learning and improving retention.